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Academic Planning


Starting high school means mapping out a plan to get from freshman to senior year and eventually to work, military, or post-secondary education. Use the diploma tracking worksheet below to choose and track your desired diploma. Use the four-year planning worksheet below to map out your coursework over the next four years. If you have goals to participate in advanced classes or off-campus programs, make sure you plan to meet your pre-requisite coursework. 



With the first year of high school behind them, students should start thinking about colleges and careers that might be a good fit and start exploring those areas. Complete career interest inventories and explore different career paths by job shadowing or interviewing. 



Old enough to legally both drive and work in most states, high school juniors should seek out internships, job shadows and summer jobs that align with the careers they're interested in. Don’t forget to take some time to consider post-secondary opportunities. Visit campuses, take the SAT or ACT, talk with military recruiters, speak with employers, or consider career-tech opportunities available at the high school. Find the best fit for you.



If you are college-bound: start visiting campuses, narrowing your college list, and apply to colleges that interest you. Watch the deadlines for applications and scholarships and make sure you identify people who can write you good recommendations. Then work hard! Colleges will want to see that you finished high school strong.

If you are military-bound, you should be in contact with a recruiter of your specific branch of interest. Make sure you are meeting any necessary requirements they may have for entry (i.e. take the ASVAB).

If you are planning on entering the workforce after graduation, update your resume and create a cover letter template. If you haven't already started, network with people in various fields. Attend local job fairs or talk to staffing agencies to see what positions are open. 

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