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The mission of the Harrison Band Program is to provide students a high quality Performing Arts experience based on recognized standards for Music Education while practicing important workplace skills in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

Welcome to the Harrison Bands website!


1. 2019  Band Holiday Concert Time Change

2. Concert Review assignments are due prior to start of Finals.  Please attend one of the last PU Bands and Orchestras concerts this weekend if you have not completed.  Online form is posted here.

Weekly After-School Band Schedule

Weekly Schedule of after-school, evening and weekend activities


Tue   Pep Band 2:30-4 pm  

Wed  Holiday Concerts  Jazz & Int Band 6 pm Call time, 6:30 Concert.                                                               Freshman & Adv Band 7:45 Call time, 8:15 Concert


Fri   Pep Band Home Game Double Header 5 pm call time (GV Game starts at 6 pm)

Sat   Pep Band Home Game 6:30 call time.  

2019-20 Performance Schedule-All Bands

2019-2020 Performance Schedule

Please note, dates are tentative and may be updated as the year goes on.  Check back frequently for updates.


Raider Pep Band (Basketball)- Q2-Q3 Schedule

Raider Pep Band (Basketball Band) is open to all currently enrolled band members who wish to join, and meet the Director’s standards concerning attitude and participation. The Pep Band rehearses and performs outside of school late-October through February

Instrumentation: Pep Band is open to all wind instruments. Elec. Bass is needed. Drum Set is by audition and will be assigned in teams to alternating games.

Sign-up: Online sign-up will be completed in mid-October.


Extra Curricular Jazz Band - Q2/Q3 Schedule

2019-20 Extra-Curricular Jazz Band Callout info and Schedule

Extra Curricular Jazz Band is a beginning/intermediate level Jazz Band that is open to all currently enrolled band members who play saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass or drums and meet the Director’s standards concerning attitude and participation. The band rehearses once a week during 2nd and 3rd quarter and performs two concerts a year.  Watch this space for more info in Mid October.




Band Notes Newsletter

Band Notes to the address you have listed in the school database approximately every other month. If you do not receive your copy, please send us an email so we can correct your address.

December Newsletter







Student Handbook

Grading Policy


Although there are some standards all students must meet, it is our policy that students are graded on their improvement rather than a rigid set of standards. This mastery learning approach allows students of all talent and ability levels to be judged fairly, and according to their own efforts. As students’ progress through the various levels of the Band program, more effort is expected of them. Student grades in Band will be based on several different modes of assessment:

  • Concert/Contest Performance is both required and graded.
  • Playing Tests covering instrumental technique over assigned musical passages.
  • Tests/Quizzes/Assignments over music theory, history and general musical knowledge.
  • Attitude/Participation will be evaluated by instructors on a weekly basis.
  • Concert Review of a College or Professional level instrumental performance each semester.

Bonus Points will be awarded toward Attitude/Participation grade in the following areas:

  • Extra-Curricular Participation (Marching, Pep, Jazz, Musical Pit)
  • Private Lessons (confirmation required)
  • Solo & Ensemble (additional entries beyond required)
  • Honor Bands/Camps/Clinics (confirmation required)
  • Outside Performances (confirmation required)
  • Concert Reviews (beyond 1 required)

Quarterly Grades will be computed based on total points earned in these areas:

  • Concert Performance
  • Playing Test(s)
  • Scales/Quizes/Assignments
  • Attitude and Participation
  • A=90% B=80% C=70% D=60% F= 50% or less

Exam Grades

  • A 100 point written exam will be administered during the Final Exam period each semester.
  • Semester Grades will be based on total points using the same scale as quarterly grade.


In any group of people there are rules in place that help to maintain order. We have a few simple rules that will help us to accomplish everything we need to do in band classes.

  • Follow directions the first time asked.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • No insults, name-calling or profanity.
  • Touch only equipment to which you are assigned.
  • Have all necessary equipment ready for rehearsal.
  • No food, drinks, candy or gum in the band room.

Positive Consequences- Research has shown that it is much better to reward positive behavior when possible in order to bring about learning. We will use a number of positive consequences including: Praise, Positive Parent Contacts, and Opportunity to Participate in Extra-Curricular Bands, Opportunity to Participate in Band Trips, Awards.

Negative Consequences- Some behaviors are so detrimental to the class that they need to be addressed with negative consequences. These consequences are applied only when a student chooses not to follow the rules. The more the student makes negative choices, the higher the consequences. Some behaviors are so disruptive that they will lead to immediate removal from class with a discipline referral.

Curricular Concert Bands (Freshman, Intermediate, Advanced)

Announcements, assignments and grading for these courses will be posted using the Canvas classroom management system.

Freshman (Beginning) Concert Band is open to all 9th grade band students. The Freshman band meets in three section (Brass, woodwind, percussion) in order to facilitate student growth and transition to the High School level of performance. This band performs standard group III literature and competes in the ISSMA district Concert Band Festival.

Intermediate Concert Band is open to all band students grade 10-12 and to second semester 9th grade students based on selection and instrumentation needs. Wind Orchestra performs standard group II literature and competes in the ISSMA district Concert Band Festival.

Advanced Concert Band (Wind Ensemble) is by selection/audition based on ability, attitude, participation, and instrumentation needs. Chamber Winds competes in the ISSMA State Qualifications Festival and performs standard ISSMA group I literature. Private lessons and access to a professional quality instrument are recommended for this ensemble. Chamber Winds performs at several additional concerts/contests throughout the year.

Concert Review Assignment

Concert Review- Students are required to attend and review a College or Professional level includes their instrument each semester. Many free concerts are provided by PU Bands each semester. Review Form may be completed online.

Stay informed of our schedule and make sure students are present for all rehearsals and performances!



Private Lessons

Members of the Harrison Band program are highly encouraged to seek private instruction on their individual instrument. This is truly the best method for rapid advancement on any instrument. Students wishing to advance to the Chamber Winds should be studying their instrument at this level. Also, those students wishing to audition for All-State Band, or take Solos to contest at the Group 1 level should be taking lessons. Private lessons are available at a reasonable cost through a number of local teachers.

This list is not comprehensive. Please let us know of others we should add.


*Celeste Edwards 448-9808

Keilah Bailey 490-2250

Amanda Welter (765) 357-4235


*Jan Applegate ob 463-4337

Janet Priest ob 765/296-4102

Michelle Hardaway bsn 438-2985

Samantha Wagner bsn (765) 269-6449


*Kaitlin Wright 421-7306

Amanda Goodspeed 490-9558

*Stephanie Mauer 412-2449

Beth Purkhiser 427-1355

Danny Weiss  404-0919


Beth Purkhiser 427-1355

*Stephanie Mauer 412-2449

Danny Weiss  404-0919

Ned Boyd 412-4918 (Jazz Improv)


Dr. Paul Geraci   765.490.9349

Chris Moser mosertrumpet@gmail.com

Marilyn Renner 532-8613

Dr. Mo Trout 494-3952 (PU Faculty- adv students only)


Rachel Amick 765 714 0486

*Jim Wells jwellshorn@hotmail.com

Laura Sommer 347/524-6018

Low Brass

*Lynn Colwell 430-2171 (TB-E-TU-Jazz Bass)

Michael Ritchie 765-426-9159

Bill Kissinger 497-1340 (TB/E)

Ryan Burnette rburnette@tsc.k12.in.us (E-TU)

Don Issacs 474-6778 (E)

Mike Plake 414-3816 (TU, E, Bass Tb)


*Jason Caudill 426-2059

Larry Guentert 572-2940

Dr. Pam Nave 494-3952 (PU adv only)

*denotes HHS Sectional Instructors


Militia Band (Marching)- Q1

The Harrison Militia Band (Marching Band) is open to all currently enrolled band members who wish to join and meet the Director’s standards concerning attitude and participation. Call-out occurs in May for the following season. The Marching Band rehearses and performs outside of school August through mid-October.   

Watch this space for 2020 Militia Band info in May!




Band Booster Info


Harrison Band Craft Show

201920 Band Booster Officers/Committee Chairs

Did you know that your United Way contribution can benefit the Harrison Band Boosters? Since the Band Boosters are now designated a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, you may designate them on your election by the following:

William Henry Harrison Band Boosters, Inc.

5701 N. CR 50 W.

West Lafayette, IN 47906 USA

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2018-19 Harrison Band Memory Book