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Harrison students share the story of the Constitution
Harrison students share the story of the Constitution

Students at Burnett Creek Elementary School have a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution thanks to a project by Harrison High School students in Kyle Marlatt's AP U.S. Government class. Marlatt challenged the students to explain the meaning of the documents by creating children's books.

The Harrison students shared their short stories explaining the road to the Constitution, its articles, and Bill of Rights with first- and second-grade students at Burnett Creek Elementary on September 17, Constitution Day.

Seniors Jay Thoennes and Maddie Tobias started their story with "Once upon a time, there was a king."

"We knew we wanted to put the information in a storybook form because that's what children can easily connect to," says Thoennes. "The students seemed really interested and asked questions," says Tobias. "I think it was a great, relevant lesson, especially on Constitution Day."

The Harrison students rotated from room to room sharing their books that explained the powers of the president, the courts and legislators, as well as the rights of citizens described in the Bill of Rights.