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Food Drive = Give if you can!
Food Drive = Give if you can!

On behalf of the HHS Student Council and the Food Finders Food Bank, thank you for your willingness to donate your time, food items and money to such a worthy cause. In order to guide your efforts and make collections run smoothly, here are a few instructions.

Count each can as one item.

Money can also be collected for donation to Food Finders. Each dollar collected will be counted as two donated items. Food Finders can purchase more food with each dollar they receive than we can. Checks can be written payable to Food Finders. Please do not double your money, we will take care of this.

Only one package of Ramen Noodles may be donated per person per day as they have little to no nutritional value and they are very high in salt. Each package can count as one item.

Please do not include donations of soft drinks or Kool Aid type mixes.

All cans, and food items should be unopened. Please do not donate items packaged in glass jars or refrigerated items.

Please do not donate items with an expired "Best if Used By" date.

Please make sure the bags/boxes are not so heavy they are difficult to lift as they might break while being transported.

Please place your class's food donation outside your classroom immediately after you have tallied your items. An NHand a few first hour aids will be there to collect the placement of the items.

Collect items from students in your first hour class only.

Please do not offer extra credit to students who participate.

Last year we collected $ $8830.94 in money and food items. The highest number of items ever collected was 12,500. Our goal this year is 15,000 items. That is about 7 items per student.

We will be inviting the top group and the top 3 classrooms not part of the top group to our annual food drive doughnut breakfast. The overall top 3 classrooms will also receive acknowledgment and a poster to display in their classroom.

Food Finders depends on food drives like ours to keep their shelves stocked.

Thank you for your help with this project.