Tippecanoe School Corporation
Fall Final Exam Information
Luke McConville

Harrison High School

Semester 1 2023

Final Exam Schedule

The Final Exams Attendance Form document is required for any student who will not be in attendance for any class period during final exams. This form is to be submitted by a parent, guardian, or caretaker by Tuesday, December 12th. Please review the Final Exams Schedule, and speak with your scholar(s) about their classes and absences. As a reminder, any absences during this time will count toward the scholar's allotted nine unexcused absences. Once a scholar goes over nine absences, they lose credit for the class or classes with over nine absences.

Each final exam period begins with a review period.  Scholars must be in attendance for the review period to take the final exam.  Please remember, a scholar is not allowed to leave the building and then come back in the middle of the day during finals week.

Please note that any changes or modifications to the final exam schedule due to the absence of a student must be approved through Mrs. Denecke, Assistant Principal, in advance. In most situations, final exams not taken during the scheduled exam period(s) will be taken on Wednesday, January 3rd (prior to the start of the second semester).