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Making Music with Their Voice
Luke McConville

Welcome to the HHS Choirs! Currently, Harrison has 7 choirs including 5 curricular choirs (Beginning, Intermediate, Myriads, Chamber, and Jazz) and 2 ex-curricular choirs (High Notes Show Choir, and the Crescendudes men’s choir).

Each choir learns a wide variety of music throughout the year ranging from popular music to show tunes to classical music. Throughout the year we perform multiple times for school concerts as well as community events and contests. 

Beyond choir itself, music is one of the primary forms of human expression and every one comes equipped with their own instrument: their voice. The great thing about choir is that you don’t have to be the best singer in the world to make great music together!

The truth is everyone can become a better singer and the only way to do that is by singing more. The goal of the HHS Choir program is not to be the “best singers”, but to become “better singers” every day! It’s never too late to join us, everyone is welcomed to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Choir: making music, friends, and family!