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TSC pilots student rider tracking program
Sue Scott

The TSC Transportation Department is piloting a program that tracks student ridership at Cole Elementary School. Parents can now track buses through Synovia Solutions’ mobile app, Here Comes the Bus. The addition of the Student Ridership feature allows parents to receive alerts when their child gets on and off the bus.

With the Student Ridership program, each student gets a badge and scans that badge when getting on and off the bus. Parents can sign up to get push notifications or alerts through email.

The TSC Transportation Department started to pilot the program in January with one bus that has routes to Cole Elementary School. Now, the program is being expanded to all families with students at Cole Elementary School.

TSC Transportation Director Greg Haltom says rider verification is an extra feature: “Bus drivers can see if the student entering or exiting the bus is at the right stop or should even be on their bus. This can help prevent situations in which students get on the wrong bus (either in the morning or when they are leaving school) or exit the bus at the incorrect stop.”

If the pilot program goes well, the program may be offered at other schools.

student scans badge as he boards bus
student scans badge as she boards bus
Cole student smiles as she boards bus