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Construction Updates


HHS Construction Update: February 22, 2021

Good afternoon, Harrison Parents/Guardians and Students.

We continue to be in construction "mode" in and around our Harrison campus.

A few highlights:

  • Construction continues on the additon of a three-story wing dedicated to Science instruction at the northeast corner of the current building.  This addition will feature an unfinished basement (ready for future needs), a ground floor containing eight classrooms designed for Biology and Earth and Space Science classes, a Hydroponics area, and a second floor featuring eight classrooms designated for Chemistry and Physics courses.  Parking continues to be significantly restricted in the northeast parking lot (the area bordered by the K wing and the football field) as this construction continues.  Expected completion date is July 2022. 
  • Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021 will see continued improvements to the main entrance (Door A4) and the main hallway of the school.  The main hallway will be doubled in width, allowing for easier student passage throughout the day.  Further, our health office and school nurses will be relocated to a new location featuring additional space and features, as their current space was constructed when the school held approximately 1,200 students.  This move, expected to begin Spring 2021, should be completed for the beginning of the 2021 - 2022 school year.
  • As a part of this main hallway project, our student services department (school counselors) will be relocated to a new space adjacent to the media center.  Again, this new and enlarged area is necessary due to the growth of the school and this department. As this work is being completed, our counselors will be displaced temporarily through November 2021.
  • The use of the new entrance/exit directly from County Road 600 North has tremendously improved the overall traffic flow of our campus.  Upon completion of the Science wing, we will again gain parking spaces that are currently occupied with construction equipment, and this entrance/exit will be even more heavily used.
  • Our loading dock is available for school deliveries, but is restricted for all other traffic.
  • Our Physical Education students as well as our girls and boys swimming and diving teams have enjoyed the natatorium that was completely renovated and expanded and finished in July 2020.  Also as a part of this project, our weight room was renovated and expanded and a new wrestling space was constructed as well.  Did you know that almost 500 students (many who paticipate in athletics and many who do not) utilize our weight room through PE classes every day?
  • During the summer of 2020, our athletic offices and personnel were relocated to the circle drive area (Door A2).
  • All athletic events attendees will enter via Door A1 (circle drive).
  • Completed in July 2020, our FACS Culinary students have been enjoying the new renovated spaces in our building.  We again anticipate these courses being heavily requested and filled to capacity for the 2021 - 2022 school year.
  • Our main entry, Door A4, saw significant renovation during the summer of 2020 which included opening the space more on the outside of the building and creating a secure vestibule inside the entrance.  

I recognize that this construction will present some short-term inconveniences, but the long-term benefits will be outstanding. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience as we move forward. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Cory J. Marshall, Principal