Tippecanoe School Corporation

National Honor Society

NHS Application for Admission

NHS Service Hour Form

NHS Volunteer Opportunities

Rules of NHS

Attendance Policy

Meetings are every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

Doors to the auditorium open at 6:45 AM. From 6:45-7, members are counted present and on time.

From 7:01-7:05, members are counted present, but are considered tardy.

Coming in after 7:05 AM will result in an absence.

1 absence= 1 strike

3 tardies= 1 strike

2 tardies are NOT 2/3 of a strike

Members are welcome to come in after 7:05, but the individual will still be counted as absent.

If you know you are going to be absent or late to a meeting (morning appointment, college visit, etc.), you must email Mrs. Howat or Mrs. Staszewski by 2:30pm the Monday before to be excused.

If you miss a meeting due to sickness, you are expected to email Mrs. Howat or Mrs. Staszewski the day of your absence. Sponsors will not check your school attendance to verify your absence.

Hours Policy

First semester service hours must be submitted by at 2:30pm Thursday December 15, 2016.

Second semester service hours must be submitted by 2:30pm on Friday May 12, 2017.

Failure to meet deadlines will result in removal from NHS. Dismissal notice will be sent to parents and students.

Sponsors will not meet individually with members.

Senior members must complete 15 hours per semester.

Junior members must complete 5 hours 1st semester and 15 hours 2nd semester.

NHS Hours opportunities can be found in the binder in the student services office.

All required service projects will count for hours

ONLY opportunities approved by NHS Sponsors will count as NHS Hours

Members are strongly encouraged to turn in paperwork for hours as they are completed. Submit hours forms to the NHS mailbox in student services.

Monthly reports of total hours will be emailed on a regular basis.

Sign-Up Policy

Members may sign up for NHS hours opportunities in the binder in the student services office.

If you fill a slot, but can no longer commit to that activity, you are required to find a substitute to take your place.

If you are having trouble finding a substitute, talk with the sponsors and we will help you.

If your slot goes unfilled, you will receive 1 strike for lack of accountability.

Service Projects

Mandatory for all NHS members unless sponsors are pre-notified of a planned absence 1 week in advance

Failure to do so will result in 1 strike

Emergency absences will be handled on a case by case basis

Everyone is expected to pay $15 dues

Fundraising goes towards the purchasing of our NHS chords

Academic Performance

Scholarship is a commitment to learning and members of NHS are expected to continue their quest for knowledge. A minimal cumulative grade point average of 3.7 is required for membership and must be maintained. Should a member's GPA drop below 3.7, the student will have one semester to restore the cumulative 3.7 GPA. Should the student fail to improve, dismissal will be automatic the following semester.


Each NHS member is given a total of 5 strikes before he/she is removed from NHS.

These 5 strikes are for the entire year; they do not repeat each semester.

Ways to earn strikes:

Failing to turn in hours by 2:30 on the due date will result in 1 strike.

Missing a service project with no valid pre-notification to sponsors will result in 1 strike.

Complaint from a supervisor during NHS volunteering will result in 1 strike.

1 absence/3 tardies from a meeting will result in 1 strike.

Failure to fill slot for volunteer opportunity will result in 1 strike.

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